Weighted Courses

Weighted Courses

Weighted courses have been offered at Emporia High School since the mid-1990’s. Course weightings are used to encourage students to enroll in courses designed to challenge them beyond the expectations of regular high school courses, while rewarding them for the challenges these courses entail. Weighting applies only to Emporia High School courses.

EHS AP and Honors courses above the entry level become weighted courses when approved by the USD 253 Board of Education for inclusion in the enrollment materials. Other courses may be considered by applying for a weighted course through the district Teaching and Learning Department.

The following classes have been identified as qualifying for weighting:

AP College Prep English Honors Biomedical Innovation
Honors Sophomore English Honors Chemistry
Honors Junior English AP Psychology
Honors Debate Spanish IV
AP Calculus AP U.S. Government
AP Statistics AP U.S. History
Honors Algebra II AP World History
Honors Geometry French IV
Anatomy & Physiology German IV


The standard GPA will be placed on a student’s transcript. At the individual student’s request, the weighted GPA and class rank will be placed on a graduating senior’s transcript. For purposes of Honor Roll the standard 4.0 system will be used.

Both the standard system and weighted grades are used to determine the following:

• GPA standards for National Honor Society,

• inclusion in the Senior Honors Group,

• the Governor’s Scholar Program.

There are additional fees for some weighted classes. See your counselor for more information. The revised weighted grades process begins with the 2016-17 school year, and will be applied retroactively for students in the classes of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Any course for which an individual student received the previous weighted grade credit applies through the student’s graduation using the 5.0 revised system.

Weighted Grades Process

When computing the weighted GPA, grade points of 5 for an A or A-, 4 for a B+ or B or B-, and 3 for a C+ or C or C- are used with trimester grades.

Any grade below a C- receives the standard grade point for the trimester grade (1 for D+ or D or D- and 0 for an F).


Adopted May 11, 2016 by Emporia Public Schools Board of Education