Graduation Requirements

In general, one-­half (½) ​unit of credit is earned by passing a trimester of a course. Twenty­-four (24) units of credit are required for graduation from Emporia High School. A student planning to attend a Kansas Regents’ University or participate in NCAA Division I or II athletics should consult with his/her school counselor for specific admissions requirements. These graduation requirements will be in effect for the Class of 2021​ and after.




How units of credit are counted using a trimester schedule:

1 Trimester = .5 credit

2 Trimesters = 1 credit

3 Trimesters = 1.5 credits


Four and a half (4.5) units Language Arts – must include:

  • one unit Freshman English
  • one unit Sophomore English
  • one unit Junior English
  • one-­half (½) unit of Communication Arts, and
  • either​ one unit College Prep English OR ​one unit Senior English

Three (3) units Science – must include:

  • one unit life science and
  • one unit physical science

Three (3) units Mathematics, including algebraic and geometric concepts.

Three (3) units Social Studies – must include:

  • one unit of World History
  • one unit of American History
  • one­-half (½) unit of American Government
  • one­-half (½) unit of Social Studies electives

One-­half (½) unit Consumer Education

One (1) unit Fine Arts

May include art, music, dance, theatre, forensics, ​or other similar studies selected by a local board of education. See the enrollment handbook or a counselor for the list of courses approved for Fine Arts credit by Emporia Public Schools USD 253 Board of Education.

One (1) unit Physical Education ​(Freshmen required to enroll in one unit of Freshmen PE/Health.)

Eight (8) units of electives See list of courses for enrollment options available.


Emporia Public Schools Recommended GRADUATION SKILLS

We are educating a generation students who are driven by ideas and inspired by innovations. Our students will leave high school with the academic skills that make them post-secondary and career ready, but they also leave with other skills to tackle obstacles and achieve their goals. Our students will approach their future with confidence. Our students will be able to demonstrate readiness for life outside secondary school in a variety of ways.

In addition to academic requirements, in order to graduate from Emporia Public Schools, students must demonstrate skills and abilities needed to become well-­rounded adults and citizens. Students will have options through their class work, school activities, and/or community involvement to demonstrate these skills and abilities during their four years of high school. These graduation skills will be in effect for the Class of 2021​and after.

Our expectations for graduation skills beyond academic credits are:

Lifetime Health Awareness

In order to be successful after high school, it is important for adults to maintain good physical and emotional health. Students are expected to explore options which support a lifetime of good health, fitness, nutrition and emotional well­being.

Adapt to Current and Future Technology

Technology is in a constant state of change, and adults must be adaptable to new technology tools introduced in society for work, home and play. Students are expected to be comfortable using a variety of technology tools for personal and professional tasks and demonstrate an ability to learn new technologies as they are developed.

Civic Engagement

Healthy, vibrant communities rely on adults who volunteer, serve on public boards and commissions, and support causes that improve the quality of life for all members of the community, state, and world. Students are expected to become involved in a school or community event(s) or cause(s) which benefits the greater good.


Surveys of employers across the country consistently conclude that graduates need more than academic skills to become good employees. A viable, individual plan of study throughout middle and high school helps assure each student has at least a preliminary plan to employment. Students are also expected to demonstrate fundamental skills expected by employers, such as prompt and regular attendance, ability to communicate orally and in writing, ability to plan and manage time, and ability to work well with others.

Adopted May 25, 2016, by Emporia Public Schools Board of Education


To Receive a Diploma from EHS

  • The student must complete all requirements for graduation as required by the State Department of Education and the USD 253 Board of Education.
  • The student must have attended high school for a minimum of three and one-half years.
  • Emporia High School was the last school attended as a full-time student.
  • If a student moves into the district during  his/her senior year and requests that a diploma be granted from Emporia High School, he/she must complete all requirements for EHS graduation. If the student wants to graduate from the previous school, he/she must get permission from both the EHS principal and the previous school principal. The student must be enrolled in five (5) units of credit plus Intervention & Enrichment during each semester at either EHS or Flint Hills Technical College with at least one of the units of credit at EHS.
  • If a student moves to another school during the second or third trimester of his/her senior year and requests that a diploma be granted from EHS, the diploma will be granted if the student meets the requirements in the first bulleted item above.
  • Twenty-four (24) units of credit are required for graduation.
  • All students must fulfill USD 253 graduation requirements. If students plan to attend a Kansas Regents’ University, they must also fulfill Qualified Admissions requirements listed