Career Pathways

Why Career Pathways Are Important

A Career Pathway is a series of classes that are related to a group of occupations and careers. The purpose of Career Pathways is to create clear educational plans of study from high school to post-secondary education to the workplace. Students who complete a series of classes in a particular pathway will be better prepared for post-secondary education that will lead to a career in the field.

In Kansas, 16 career clusters and 31 pathways have been identified; they are shown in the graphic above. Courses are offered in three levels: introductory, technical and application.

Kansas schools that provide Career Pathways have written commitments from post-secondary institutions to honor high school coursework and technical achievements at their institution so that students will not have to repeat these courses in their post-secondary programs.

EHS offers courses in the following approved Career Clusters and Pathways. See the course listings for details on courses required in each pathway.

EHS Career Clusters Pathway
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications AV Communications (Tech Ed)
Visual Arts (FCS)
Education & Training Teaching/Training (FCS)
Finance Business Finance (Business)
Health Science Health Science (PE)
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant & Event Management (FCS)
Travel & Tourism (Business)
Human Services Consumer Services (FCS)
Early Childhood Education (FCS)
Family & Community Services (FCS)
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Safety Corrections, Security,
Law & Law Enforcement
Manufacturing Production (Tech Ed)
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Engineering & Technology (Tech Ed; Science)
Science & Math (Tech Ed; Science; Math)