Resource / Lifeskills / Vocational Options

EHS Academic Course Offerings


(One Trimester, ½ credit)

This course provides information about methods and techniques of acquiring and maintaining employment. This course is for the 18- to 21-year-old student who has completed graduation requirements and has a goal for transitioning into the world of work. Enrollment in this class must be approved by the IEP team and case manager.


(One Trimester, ½ credit; enrollment with instructor approval only, pass/fail class)

This course is intended for the more dependent student and serves as a basis for the student’s introduction to the concepts of the world of work. The course may involve the student participating in activities such as: the sheltered workshop program at Hetlinger Developmental Services for an amount of time designated by the instructor; stacking chairs and wiping tables in the lunch commons areas; and community-based employment sites.


(One Trimester, ½ credit)

This course enables students to acquire the basic skills necessary to enter the world of work and will include the Practical Application Exploration System. PAES is a hands-on program that introduces students to simulated on-the-job experiences.


(One Trimester, ½ credits)

This course provides students practical experience in the world of work. Depending on the students’ level of work readiness, the lab may include working in a sheltered workshop to refine work skills or habits or actual employment in a job setting. A student’s readiness is determined by the instructor. Pass/Fail grades are issued quarterly. Students may enroll only with the permission of the instructor and the course may be repeated for credit. To obtain credit for work outside of the school day, the student must present a pay stub indicating a minimum of five hours work per week for each half credit enrolled.