General Electives

EHS Academic Course Offerings

The following electives are designed to enhance a student’s educational experience in high school as well as in their daily lives beyond high school. Some of these electives require prior approval by an instructor.


(Gr 10-12) (One Trimester, ½ credit)

This course is designed to teach strategies that enable students to prepare for post secondary/college testing. Test content will not be taught specifically, although some is reviewed. The focus is placed on vocabulary and concepts commonly found on college preparatory tests as well as test-taking and study strategies. Practice tests will be given, and students will work out of an ACT workbook.

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

(Gr 9-12) (Three Trimesters, ½ credit each Trimester)

AVID is a college readiness class designed to accelerate student learning by using research-based methods of effective instruction such as critical reading, advanced writing, inquiry and collaboration. Students are selected through an application process and invited to enroll based on their desire and determination to go to college and other specific criteria. AVID is designed for freshmen through seniors.


(Gr 10-12) (One Trimester, ½ credit)

This course is an opportunity for students to develop their leadership potential. Students are introduced to leadership and have the opportunity to examine their views on leadership. They will also understand the rewards, risks and responsibilities of leadership.

JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates)

(Gr 9-12) (Two Trimesters, ½ credit each Trimester)

JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) helps students create an environment for success.  Students will be provided the right tools and a strong support system to help them graduate from high school with the job training and skills to acquire meaningful employment.  Students will prepare for the world of work or postsecondary education through participating in community service, job shadowing, community-based educational trips, leadership and team-building activities and a variety of experiences that stress academic achievement.


(Gr 11,12) (One Trimester, ½ credit)

A proctor is responsible to the instructor with whom he or she is enrolled. Responsibilities include duplicating materials, typing materials, tutorial activities and other applicable assignments. Permission of the instructor is needed and paperwork must be completed through the EHS Guidance Office.


(Gr 12) (One Trimester, ½ credit)

This course is for seniors who are working during school hours and request their study period by scheduled first or fifth blocks so they may be enrolled in Work Study.  Students should check with their counselor for credit possibilities for Work Study.  An application process will need to be completed.  This course may be repeated for credit.