Flex Education

EHS Academic Course Offerings


Flex Education 1

(Gr 10) (Two Trimesters, 2 1⁄2 credits)

Prerequisite: Freshman English

Flex Education 1 is a sophomore course, which blends together American History, English Language Arts, and Communication Arts. Students will work on building communication, writing, and reading skills to critically think about and interact with American History, create projects and presentations, and ultimately apply these skills and knowledge to their own lives and Individual Plans of Study. Flex 1 will use a combination of large group, small group, and one-on-one learning where students will be allowed to explore topics of personal interest in-depth. Students will also be working toward preparation of their AccuPlacer exam for Flint Hills Technical College concurrent enrollment.

Flex Education 2

(Gr 11) (Two Trimesters, 2 1⁄2 credits)

Prerequisite: Flex Education 1 OR Freshman English, Sophomore English, and American History

Flex Education 2 is a junior course, which will be split up into 3 phases. Phase 1, students will blend World History, Government, and English Language Arts. Phase 2, students will blend a junior level math and science. In Phase 3, students will be attending Flint Hills Technical College, where they will earn concurrent credits with Emporia High School in either math, science, or English areas dependent on their program of choice. Any student not eligible for their program during their junior year (based on either program limitations or AccuPlacer score) will continue on building their prerequisites at EHS, and, if needed, preparing for their AccuPlacer.


* All Flex Education Courses are guided by the College and Career Readiness Standards for the state of Kansas. Each Flex Education course includes a mentoring program where each student has a dedicated staff member as their mentor and will conduct weekly one-on-one meetings to ensure adequate progression throughout the program. All students will have training each year in Social-Emotional Learning, and will be continuously assessed for Employability Skills (formerly known as soft skills) in accordance with the Kansans Can! vision.