Academic Course Offerings

Dual Credit Course Offerings

Students wishing to enroll concurrently in college classes may do so, providing they meet regular high school graduation requirements during the normal year.

Online or on-site classes are available through Flint Hills Technical College, Emporia State University, Allen Community College and other schools. Students who take a college course and want dual credit must talk with their counselor and should verify transferability of the credit to the post-secondary institutions. Students are required to pay the tuition for the college course to the post-secondary institution.



19-20 Cost*

**College Algebra (MA110 College Algebra)
(minimum ACT score: 21 math)
3 $300
College Biology (BI100 Gen Biology/Lab) 4 $400
College Communication Arts
(SP100 Public Speaking)
3 $300
Anatomy & Physiology 5 $500
AP Psychology (PY100 Intro to Psychology) 3 $300
**AP English Literature and Composition (EG103 Eng Comp) 3 $345
**AP English Literature and Composition (EG 104 Eng Comp) 3 $300
Consumer & Personal Finance 3 $300
Honors Chemistry (CH 125 Chemistry I Lecture, CH 126 Chemistry I Lab) 5 $500
College Computer Application (IS 113 Intro to Microcomputer) 3 $300
College Accounting (AC 223 Financial Accounting) 3 Articulated
*Cost subject to change

**Qualifying ACT or Accuplacer Score Required

Students must pay the total cost to enroll in College Algebra and College Biology. Students can enroll in the other classes for EHS credit only without paying.

Students should contact the admissions offices at the postsecondary institution to determine the steps necessary to enroll in a class for college credit. Allen County Community College, Flint Hills Technical College, Emporia State University or other approved colleges.